Do you have a dog that constantly growls at you, shows you his teeth or snaps at you? You may have an aggressive dog on your hands. Every day, many dogs exhibit aggressive tendencies. Although some aggression may be just for show, other dogs take it a bit further and seriously injure people or other dogs. Therefore, it is absolutely paramount that you understand the dynamics of dog aggression. In this article, we'll explain the causes of dog aggression and offer some tips for dealing with dog aggression as well.

First of all, we’ll discuss the various reasons why dogs may demonstrate aggressive tendencies. Although dog aggression may be caused by a single event, some aggressive behavior may be innate. Here are some tips to determine the cause of your dog’s aggression:

Agonistic aggression is exhibited when there is a personality conflict between two dogs. In this instance, the aggression might cause one or both dogs to act in an aggressive manner.

Barrier aggression is exhibited when a dog is confronted with a barrier, becomes frustrated, and is unable to escape. In response to the barrier, the dog exhibits aggressive behavior.

Competitive aggression is exhibited when dogs fight over social status. This is quite common with housemates as they attempt to discover which dog is "top dog."

Displaced aggression is exhibited when a dog is out of his comfort zone. This typically occurs in lost dogs found wandering the streets alone. They tend to show aggression out of fear.

Dominance aggression is exhibited when a dog believes that he is the leader of the pack. He tends to demonstrate aggression to keep the other members of the pack in submission, especially if he feels as if his dominance is being challenged.

Drug induced aggression is exhibited as a “side effect” of certain medications and tends to affect a dog's perceptions and may cause him to act in an aggressive manner. This type of aggression is typically is typically temporary and disappears once the medication is changed.

Fear induced aggression is exhibited when a dog is afraid. In response, he growls, snaps, demonstrates fear posture because he believes he is in a dangerous situation. this type of aggression is often found in abused dogs or those that are genetically prone toward aggression.

Improper socialization aggression is exhibited when dogs have not been properly socialized to get along well with other dogs. As such, when confronted with other dogs or people, they tend to become aggressive.

Intra sex aggression is exhibited when a female dog acts aggressively toward other females or when a male dog acts aggressively toward other male dogs.

Maternal protective aggression is exhibited when a mother dog acts to protect her puppies from harm.

Territorial aggression is exhibited when a dog acts aggressively in order to protect his toys, food or anything that he considers as his personal property.

Now that we have a better understanding of the different types of dog aggression, here are some tips when dealing with your aggressive dog:

1. If you believe your dog is aggressive, immediately take him to a veterinarian for a checkup to ensure that there are no medical causes of his aggressive behavior.

2. Consider hiring a trainer and begin obedience training right away. There are many trainers that are specifically equipped to handle aggressive dogs. Carefully select one that is experienced at handling aggressive dogs and have successfully taught owners how to deal with aggressive dogs in the past.

3. Do not encourage aggressive games like tug-of war, chasing your family members/ neighbors, or roughhousing with an aggressive dog. These types of games only intensify aggressive behavior.

4. Keep track of those things that might be contributing to his aggressive behavior and look for patterns of aggression.

5. Teach your dog that you are the ‘head dog” and that you are the leader of the pack. This can be done by doing the following:

a. Do not allow aggressive dogs to eat until you have given him the command to do so.

b. Ensure that your dog learns and follows the “leave it command.”

c. Do not let your dog go out of the door before you do.

d. Remove any toys that he considers as his personal property.

e. Prevent any disasters before they happen. For instance, do not take your dog out without putting on a leash.

In conclusion, there are many types of aggression that dogs exhibit. The key to dealing with dog aggression is to realize its potential causes and then taking proactive steps to effectively deal with this condition. By doing this, you can successfully deal with aggressive dog behavior and nip it in the bud before it becomes a major problem.

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Apart from sexy and pretty women, there are other desires our men have. For instance there is a special event or occasion approaching and most likely giving gifts for a certain gentleman is expected, therefore you might think of something that can give smile to that certain man. When your want to give a present to a man, you should choose wisely because men can be very picky when it comes to gifts. However, the task of choosing present for men can be challenging. First, you should consider your receiver's interest, hobbies and likes. But if you have this idea called ''men's best desires'', then you could probably think better on what to give.

Cigar Accessories

Cigars are more likely related to older men. They are tightly rolled bundle of dried and fermented tobacco that needs to be ignited so that its smoke may be drawn into the mouth. Cigar tobacco is grown in significant quantities in nations like Brazil, Honduras, Mexico, Philippines, Nicaragua, Cuba, Cameroon, Dominican Republic, Indonesia and United States.

Since then, there are plenty of cigars variety depending on its flavor characteristics. Cigars have been a popular choice of gifts for men. Today, you can find different choices not only for cigar but for its accessories as well. You can find deluxe cigar accessories like cigar cutter, humidor, lighter, cigar flask or holder. Also, you can find personalized cigar set that can make a special gift for your receiver. You may consider a Personalized Leather Travel Humidor with Cigar Cutter, perfect present for a business man who loves to travel whether it is a business or personal trips. This gift has slots for four cigars and includes a cigar cutter. It is wrapped in sleek black leather and boasts a fragrant cedar lining. Have it then personalized and hand it as your special present for his celebration.

Wine Accessories

Wines, beers and other kinds of liquors can make any man satisfied. Barwares like mugs, shot glasses, beer tankards, wines glasses, flask and the like are ideal accessories to make their night life complete. Apart from these containers, you may also include bottle openers, cork screws, wine bottle stopper, wine shakers, ice buckets, serving trays and even wine carriers. You can find different beautiful selections for barwares, like custom-made ones which can be done personalized with your receiver's name or monogrammed. You may consider a Personalized Wine Accessory Gift, an exceptional gift set addressing the needs of your wine loving receiver. This come in a luxury box, a set that is designed so anyone can take and carry it on all special occasions. It can be made personalized as well by placing your receiver's name or monogrammed on the metallic plate of the box.

For other option, you can give sporty gifts which can be very ideal for sports enthusiast receiver. After all, most men loves sports and it is one of their desires. You can give personalized bags like gym bags. Also, you can give sporty gifts like cufflinks with NFL theme, tennis theme, or golf theme. There are it also sports caps; office decors like deck clocks or frames with sporty theme; or other sporty desk or office items which can reflect his love for sports.

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Contrary to common belief, biological filters do not process or filter the solid waste of fish in your koi pond. They continue to build up and putrefy, creating a breeding ground for harmful species of heterotrophic bacteria which are pathogenic to koi fish. As stated, the biological filtration process utilizes Nitrosomonas bacteria to break down ammonia into nitrite and nitrobacter, further converting nitrites into nitrates, which is less harmful to koi fish.

Plants now utilize the nitrate and phosphate for fertilizer; if you have not provided an adequate ratio of water plants to koi fish, "hard" algae (growing on rocks and koi pond walls) and "free- floating" algae use nitrate and phosphate to reproduce. The key to preventing this condition, called "algae bloom," is to provide enough nonsoil bearing plants such as water lettuce and hyacinths to compete for the nitrate and phosphate. Since these two plants are tropical and can only survive in warm climates, hardier varieties such as Elodea and Anacharis will perform well in cold climates. These plants are commonly used in bio-filter ponds.

A bio-filter pond is used in conjunction with shallow koi ponds with small populations of koi fish. It will also eliminate the need for a mechanical bio-filter and a second pump to operate it. The bio-filter pond is located higher than the main pond for two reasons. It prevents the koi fish from eating the plants and it allows the water from the waterfall to be filtered as it passes through the plants prior to spilling into the lower koi pond.

An adequate ratio of plant cover for the koi pond's surface is approximately 20 to 30 percent. This is a basic rule of thumb and many factors can change this equation. For example: koi fish population, water temperature, and debris accumulating from leaves or over-feeding the koi fish. I have said many times that the Koi Pond is the koi's living room, dining room and toilet.

Please invest in the health of your fish. Purchase a koi pond test kit from any pet or pond store. Invest the time to read the directions and start regularly testing your koi pond. Remember, clear water does not mean clean! As in the water we drink, just because the water looks clear, smells good, and tastes good does not mean it is clean.

Most of the most toxic, cancer-causing priority pollutants listed by the E.P.A are colorless, odorless, and tasteless. Do not ever forget the simple facts: You have a toilet in a separate room of your house. Your scaly friend's living room is their toilet, and they have to swim in it. Keep it flushed and clean.

If you do not have a bio-filter, that could explain why your koi pond is a tad green, stinky, or cloudy, and why your finned family is gulping air on the surface. Trust me. That will not be for long. Fish gulping air to survive would be like you -- in an attempt to avoid breathing poisoned air -- gulping water to survive.

A pound of prevention is worth a pond cure. dh

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Cosmetic surgery is all about doing everything possible to make an individual feel better. It is a specialized branch of surgical operations that enables correction and modification of human body in its shape or function. A lot of people are seeking plastic surgery either for aesthetic reasons or for health benefits.

The number of cosmetic surgeries is on a rise with each passing year in the United States. Cosmetic surgeons San Francisco area are po[censored] r in plastic surgeries like, liposuction surgery, Thermage, Smart Lipo, Fraxel, Fractronal CO2, breast implants, Tummy Tuck Walnut Creek, lip enhancements, facelifts, butt implants, Titan, Vaser Lipo, Zerona and cosmetic surgery for spider veins and varicose veins. As Americans are spending millions of dollars to achieve physical perfection through cosmetic surgery, Danville plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons in San Ramon gearing up for accommodating the ever increasing need of surgeries.

Advanced studies are continually being made in the field of cosmetic surgery. It is an ongoing process and a huge amount of resources is being utilized for producing the best result. These research and analysis activities greatly help the surgical candidates to grab the best kind of service.

The most common cosmetic surgeries like liposuction, facelift, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, breast augmentation/lift are getting very po[censored] r these days. It is said that there are very little risks involved with these surgeries. However, it would be always better to discuss with your physician regarding your concerns and seek opinion.

One of the most important decisions to make when you decide to have plastic surgery is which surgeon to select for yourself. Obviously one would like to choose a surgeon whom is trustworthy and known to him or her for a long time. For example, if you reside in Pleasanton it is better for you to find out a cosmetic surgeon in Pleasanton area.

It is considered that, these cosmetic procedures are commonly exploited by women; however, these days, a large number of men are lining up for such cosmetic surgeries. Liposuction for men is a common aesthetic surgery for men at the moment. It seems there disparity exist between men and women when it comes to cosmetic surgery.

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Today more consumers are developing an environmental awareness when buying products and enlisting the services of a business or company. As a result to consumer demand for better protection of the environment, more companies are becoming environmentally responsible and taking steps to lessen their impact on the environment. One such industry that is taking measures to reduce their impact on the environment is the Do[censored] ent Shredding Service Industry.

Do[censored] ent shredding companies provide on-site and off-site shredding services that meet the highest level of security. They are beneficial for individuals and organizations as they securely and safely destroy do[censored] ents so that their clients do not have to worry about their confidential waste falling into the hands of criminals seeking to commit identity theft. Along with the secure destruction services offered by shredding companies, they also provide services that benefit the environment. They have implemented the most eco-friendly policy that will benefit the environment as well satisfy demands of consumers. A business' customers will appreciate the business using the service of an eco-friendly company that shreds their sensitive do[censored] ents.

When a business hires a shredding service to dispose of their confidential papers, they will benefit from the shredded remains being taken to a shredding facility to be recycled into other products. This reduces the amount of waste going into landfills. In addition, making products out of the shredded remains decreases energy consumption which results in less carbon emissions being released in the atmosphere.

After material is shredded on-site at a customer's facility, or shredded at the do[censored] ent destruction company's facility, the shredded pieces are then baled and recycled which ensures the sensitive information on the do[censored] ents is thoroughly destro[censored] and disposed of safely. By recycling the shredded pieces, millions of trees are saved annually because the shredding company shreds an enormous amount of do[censored] ents each year. For instance, for every two security consoles filled with paper, one tree is saved through the recycling process. According to industry estimates, "every ton of recycled paper uses 64% less energy, 50% less water and causes 74% less air pollution than the same quantity of paper from virgin wood pulp."

All do[censored] ents that are collected and shredded from client are recycled into a wide range of paper products. Recycling the shredded remains while providing efficient do[censored] ent destruction is a 'win win' for everyone because a business clients are happy with the business doing their part to protect the environment, the business is able to have their confidential papers thoroughly and permanently destro[censored] thereby preventing identity theft, and the environment wins because it is protected.

Do[censored] enting shredding services should be a part of every organizations confidential waste management program. When you hire a do[censored] ent shredding company, you will benefit from a convenient, affordable, and fast way to permanently destroy confidential do[censored] ents. You will not have to worry about lost or stolen do[censored] ents as the company has designed a shredding process that is highly efficient and secure. Whether it is off-site shredding or on-site shredding, your confidential do[censored] ents will remain protected. And, you will feel great doing your part to protect the environment.

Premier provider of San Diego shredding services and paper shredding San Francisco. Certified by the National Association for Information Destruction to make sure your information always stays secure and confidential.

Premier provider of San Diego shredding services and paper shredding San Francisco. Certified by the National Association for Information Destruction to make sure your information always stays secure and confidential. http://www.shredit.com

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