During summer season we tend to be more and more concerned about our looks and especially our skin. In the search for the perfect skin and the perfect tan we sometimes resort to solutions that can prove to be more harmful than beneficial for our skin or health in general. So, when looking for a skin care solution, please don’t start using any product or treatment until you really read all the facts about them.

In this post, I thought it will be useful to focus on 3 common skin care solutions: sunblock, facial peels and Eczema cures. Let us have a glance at what these are about and how they can be used to care of your skin.

1. Sunblock

Using a sun block is very important especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors. From youngsters to elders, we all need sunscreen products that should be selected considering age, skin type, purpose (daily use, intensive use) etc. Children for example, need a regular replenishment of sunscreen because they may either rub it or sweat it off after some time. Sweat-proof and water-proof sunscreens give kids durable protection during summer, when they play outdoor sports or swim.

During summer time, you should remember that the skin takes a thrashing by the hot sun. When the sweating increases, the skin loses its ability to protect itself from harmful UV rays (responsible for the painful condition of sunburn and other damaging effects on the human health). Even while you are using a high SPF sunscreen, the humidity and sweat can break the sunscreen and put you at risk.

Here are some tips for getting a good sunscreen:

1. Use sunscreens made keeping sports-use in mind – these offer exceptional and enduring sun protection for your skin; 2. Use highly water resistant and sweat resistant products, as they usually have better sunscreen durability; 3. Non-comedogenic and lightweight, lotions do well by not clogging pores or running into your eyes and causing pain; 4. Try to select a sunscreen with high SPF that offers protection for a broad-spectrum.

2. Facial Peel

In general, facial peeling can be defined as the chemical, cosmetic treatment performed by a skin specialist to lessen blemishes, light scarring, age spots, and other facial skin faults. Facial peels help in reducing wrinkles and reviving skin damaged due to sun exposure.

Creams for facial peels can be bought at drugstores or beauty shops. The cream is applied to the face and left for some minutes to work, and then it is scrubbed or rinsed off. There is a chance of allergic reactions with facial peel creams, so always test on a small patch of skin before you proceed. If you want a deeper peel, you can get guidance from a dermatologist to get referred to a professional plastic surgeon.

3. Eczema Cure

Eczema is a skin irritation distinguished by flaky, red skin that has tiny blisters or cracks sometimes. Usually, getting rid of the Eczema causes or the source of the allergy is the best way of treating Eczema. The following are some of the treatments you can try for Eczema cures:

1. Clean the place with a hypoallergenic soap and apply an emollient over the topical steroid; 2. Benadryl (Diphenhydramine) can be taken in pill form to reduce itching. Remember, taking Diphenhydramine may make you excessively drowsy for a brief period; 3. You can apply a (1% hydrocortisone) non-prescription steroid cream. The cream must be applied as regularly as possible without skipping until the rash disappears.

Apart from taking treatments, you should also avoid stress. See that you have a healthy diet and get good sleep. This will help you be healthy and prevent flares from appearing. And have patience; you may not get a quick response sometimes. Also, bear in mind that going that extra mile when referring to researching for the right skin care solution will always turn to your advantage.

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