In conclusion, we know that we should run without load, anxiousness for quick results and shackles. We can relax and delight ourselves if we run as we please. We are proposed to take control of ourselves according to the environment when running.

How far should we run. Do not make a plan to run very far for the first time. It is OK to make an attempt on running just a few yards. If you are tired or pant for breath, take a walk instead of running. When you are recovered from fatigue, try to make another hundreds of yards. You do not have to keep on running since you have finished half a mile, if you do not want to. While running 4 times a week at least is of great importance. Advances are made under the circumstances of continuous running.

It may take you several months to finish running 2, 3 or 4 miles once. Don't worry for it is safe to make a gradual increase in distance. Excessive fast and far running is possibly harmful to your body. I have got a lot of wound in my first running. I wanted to run as far and fast as I could. Now I can run a lot but I hardly run with all my strength. I was once unable to run on account of the injury. It is 2 or 3 years since then.

Slow down when you are worn out and sore after you find your exercise volume increases. Apropos, it would be better for you not to work out a plan several days beforehand. As stubborn as me, you will be declined towards an alteration, so try not to. It is significant to keep an eye on the function of your body. You will have a good knowledge of the reaction of your body after a certain time so that you can make a good adaptation to the exercise.

Is it necessary to buy a stopwatch. Up to now, you can undoubtedly realize that I care little about how far or how fast you can run. The carefree attitude brings about the delight. I think the advances that have been made in such way are, so to speak, more or less the same with those under a strict plan of games. Eagerly as you may want to know how fast you can run, don't ask for it, anyhow. It seems to be pestered or pressed by something when running with a stopwatch. A research worker said that the strength one puts forth, which is of importance. It signifies the strenuousness of running. If your exercise makes you feel comfortable neither light to ridiculousness nor exhausted to death that is good enoughThe standard of the strength-one-put-forth has many advantages such summer-heat, humidity, terrain and wind. Sometimes you run as if on wings and sometimes you run difficultly. It doesn't matter. Your feeling is of importance.

Mind your breath. A wonderful phenomenon comes into being after your run a few minutes which is to get your breath back, as is known to all. Getting your breath back occurs after you are short of breath in the first stage. This phenomenon accompanies the decline of panting after which you will feel relaxed, powerful and energetic to run.

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