When organising your wedding, wedding invitations are really significant. This is the most effective and easiest way to get the word out that you are getting married and by admitting response cards, you'll be able to get a head count. Because one of the biggest costs at a wedding reception can be the food, it is highly important that you have a head count. By getting out the wedding invitation in a well timed manner, you have a good chance of getting a general idea how many guests will be attending so that you can begin with your preparation accordingly.

Another reason that wedding invitations are so helpful is because of the information that they give to guests. Commonly the invitation will include not only the location of the ceremony, but also information about the parents of the couple, the location and time of the reception, and the date and time of the ceremony. Often people will inclose a response card with a stamped envelope to send back to the couple. This makes it easier for the couple to get a general idea how many guests will be attending for the reception.

Wedding invitations also supply information about the formalities and topic of the wedding. The theme of the wedding is relayed based on the colors, descriptions, style, and any supplied graphics on the wedding invitations, the formality of the wedding is relayed based on how formal the invitations are.

Additional things that couples like to include in the wedding invitations are directions or maps to the ceremony and reception and information on where the couple is registered. By providing directions and maps people will find the places more easily and the couple doesn’t have to worry about getting phone calls from people who are lost. Including information on where you are registered is a immense help for guests bringing gifts. Many people aren’t sure what the couple still needs in terms of home décor and kitchen products. Sometimes when information about registration isn’t enclosed, guests will be driving from store to store to find the registry. So by admitting registry information, guests can easily find you something you truly need.

There are several types of wedding invitations you could choose from, allowing you to find the perfect ones to correspond with your wedding theme. Many wedding supply stores have catalogs with wedding invitations from which you could order the invitations. But if you are looking to save time and be able to search through hundreds of wedding invitations quickly, I suggest buying your wedding invitations online. There are a number of websites that sell invitations and have pictures of the invitation so you know exactly what they will look alike. No matter which invitations you pick, make sure to send them out at least six weeks before the wedding date. That way you can give your guests enough time to answer and you will have a good idea of how many will be attending. Invitations are a great way to start the wedding on the right foot.

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