Ever since Bill Gates unveiled his ASP technology (Active Server Pages) in the 90s, programmers and web developers have gone to great lengths to incorporate their web pages to streamline with this advanced technology. Of course, ASP is already a thing of the past, per say, as around 2002 the Microsoft Corporation unveiled their handy .Net Framework which offers unparallel and streamlined data efficiency never before seen. And with this amazing new addition to the already great Active Server Pages encoding comes the ASP.Net Shopping Cart, which is literally the technology of tomorrow, available today. The ASP.Net Shopping Cart is a more efficient, far more secure and much more affordable modern day version of the ASP shopping cart, only the ASP.Net Shopping Cart lauds the technology of being multi compatible between both browsers and servers, and most importantly different types of operating systems.

In enters the major credit cart batch processors who service the major credit card corporations and banks around the world. Considering the topic of security is always fresh in the minds of banking executives, many favor the newer, more secure and more data efficient ASP.Net Shopping Cart. This is for several good reasons. First and foremost, it packages the data in a more secure manner, offering a higher level of encryption and a faster rate of delivery to the main servers that process the batch date.

This equals less chance of the confidential data becoming compromised and allows for the credit card companies to easily process the data batches without having to worry about hackers stealing personal information from thousands of E wallet purchases. As of just recently, the major credit card companies have issued a requirements list for all vendors who are planning on using the efficient ASP.Net Shopping Cart method for securing and processing payments, a strict code of compliance gauged to virtually eliminate identity theft in the age of tomorrow.

Visa s Payment Application Best Practice assessment, or commonly referred to by industry insiders as the acronym, PABP, mandates that all online shopping carts must be an ASP.Net Shopping Cart, compliant to their high security standards by the end of the fiscal year 2008. For many older merchants who have been using the dated and aging ASP standard technology this means that an upgrade is definitely in order sometime within the next few short months. For those who refuse to comply with this mandated security update, they may have some harsh penalties to face.

Because data integrity is the main theme of credit card and online security companies as we head into the next calendar year, many are cracking down on the lazy practices of the past; practices that have allowed hackers repeatedly to compromise large portions of data and contribute to their growing losses and large portfolio write offs each year due to online theft. And from the customers point of view, the more secure the better. With an ASP.Net Shopping Cart not only are merchants assuring the consumer that their personal data is secured during processing, but they are also protecting themselves from liability should that data become compromised.

As one can see, the ASP.Net Shopping Cart is not only here to stay, but it is clearly the most promising shopping cart of tomorrow, available today. Considering that no other shopping cart offers such inter compatibility, online security or data transfer capability, it should be no wonder why the purveyor of such a great technology origins from the guy who created the most widely used operating system ever, Mr. Bill Gates.

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