The Amazing Race is a race that motivates people to travel into different places and immerse themselves into different cultures and traditions. They are constantly challenged with sorts of road blocks and detours. They have to race against time and other teams in order to arrive at the mat first and win the first to second until the last leg. They also have to face their differences and the constant arguing and complaints. They are all undergoing this game to find the essence of adventure and get to know how deep the relationship with his or her partner is.

Adventure is found everywhere and can be felt by anyone. Feeling the results of indulging one’s self in adventure is the actual experience of the challenging and changing weather. In the hit television show, The Amazing Race every team is faced with the changes in weather, like the sunny summer in Bali to the tropical forests of Cambodia to the wintry slopes of Poland. So, each must prepare for each leg and it means preparing to battle it out with the weather. So, here’s a treat for you, Marmot Men’s Mica Jacket.

Marmot’s Men Mica Jacket has received several awards for its design. The Men’s Mica Jacket is made for travelling into tough weather and conditions. This jacket is made from MemBrain Strata and 100 percent Nylon Ripstop. MemBrain Strata is an innovation from Marmot that infuses lightweight, waterproof and breathable technology into their products and goods. MemBrain Strata uses micro non- organic particles found on the inside of the lamination that rates 20,000mm of water resistance and 20,000 gr in breathability.

The main feature of this jacket is breathability and comfort plus waterproof capabilities in an environment that you can never predict. Marmot Men’s Mica Jacket weighs seven ounces with a center back length of 71.1 centimeters. It has 100 percent taped on the seam plus an attached but adjustable hood for full and secured water protection. The jacket also has zippered pockets and water resistant anterior zipper.

Marmot Men’s Mica Jacket is designed with adjustable Velcro cuffs and an elastic draw cord hem allowing you to adjust the measurements when the going gets tough. To allow a liquid flow in movement, this jacket is equipped with Angel- Wing movement technology.

Marmot Men’s Mica Jacket is an outerwear awarded for its design and comfort. You can never go wrong with this jacket because it is available in a variety of sizes and colors that suits your needs and style. If you are going for an adventure that involves a change in conditions that you are not used to, then Marmot Men’s Mica Jacket is the apparel just for you. This jacket is handy and lightweight – it can fit you backpack and luggage anytime anywhere without worrying about the heaviness. And with its Angel- Wing movement capabilities, you can run any race; outdo your competitors and land first in any mat wherever your feet takes you. Grab this multi- awarded jacket from your favorite Marmot stalls now.

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