Natural health supplements – which nutritional remedies work? Which don’t supplement your health? This Wonder Herb article shares the shocking truth.

Natural Health Supplements and the Foods That Are Killing Us

The fact that you’re considering natural health supplements means you want to improve your health naturally. You probably know that cancer rates are higher than ever. That people are getting obscure diseases that didn’t even exist 50 years ago. That conventional medicine isn’t working.

Why is this happening?

Sure, it’s because the ever-increasing number of chemicals that we put on our skins and breathe in everyday but it also has a lot to do with our diets.

More importantly, 50 years ago, even though we lacked education in nutrition , the health foods we did eat were rich in nutrients. We ate real apples that weren’t chemically altered - that were freshly picked - not the 6 month old, genetically modified ones we get in supermarkets today.

Then there’s the fact that today, people are busier than ever, so more and more families are turning to pre-packaged, frozen meals as their main source of nutrition, than ever before. Frozen pizzas, pasta, white breads, over-processed cereals, biscuits, coke, energy drinks, confectionary, pies, processed meats, tinned foods – many laced with chemicals, artificial colours and flavours and preservatives. Most families eat these regularly as part of their daily diets. The reality is they offer very few natural health benefits.

The benefit of convenience is slowly killing us. We’re walking around overweight yet undernourished. We get more colds and flus than ever. There are more allergies in our schools than ever. And cancer rates are skyrocketing despite all the advancements in medicine.

Today, health foods and natural health supplements are vital just so we can feed our bodies with the nutrition we need to live healthy lives – the nutrition that food gave us many years ago.

The solution?

Lay off the packaged, pre-processed foods and turn to fresh fruits, vegetables and unprocessed grains. And – supplement your diet with high potency natural health supplements. The right brands and the right type of health supplement and health foods, at the right potency are very powerful ways of boosting your health naturally - and in many cases, without the need to rely on conventional medicine.

Which Nutritional and Vitamin Supplements Work Best For Your Health?

Often, some of the most potent, natural (not synthesized) health remedies aren’t readily available commercially in supermarkets. Instead, they are available online so health food companies can provide you with the highest quality and highest dosage of active, natural ingredients without the high cost of being sold in-store.

Ganoderma is one of them. For years, Chinese medical practitioners and herbalists have been hailing Ganoderma as the King of Herbs. The Ganoderma fungus is well known in Asia as being a master protector of the immune system. It has been known to do amazing things for cholesterol, blood pressure, inflammation, energy levels and dozens upon dozens of other health conditions.

The revolutionary thing about Ganoderma is that it is a health food that is rich, not only in anti-oxidants, but it is also packed with organic Germanium, Adenosine, amino acids, Polysaccharides, Ganoderic acids, vitamins, proteins, enzymes and minerals. Uniquely, it is also classified as an adaptogen. In other words, it actually penetrates and cleans toxic cells.

It’s little wonder then that natural health practitioners and Chinese herbalists rave about medicinal mushrooms. And with Ganoderma Lucidum being the richest in nutrients of all the medicinal mushrooms, it makes sense to add Ganoderma to your health arsenal.

For more information on Ganoderma and other natural, high potency natural health supplements, just check out the Wonderherb online health store where you can research and buy some of the world’s greatest “wonder herbs” online.

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